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LightbulbwithEvolutionSpark  AL·TUS (Adj.) Latin: High / Deep / Profound / Nourished 

Our name just felt right when we were looking for it.  We create possibilities with you and for you.

We feel really high when our clients  know they have found the right track and are on it.

Changes in both business and your personal life can feel like a struggle…

…….or when there is clarity, confidence and commitment accelerates and then growth and change can feel  profound and perfect.

We combine many years of business experience with coaching skills to help you see all your options differently and then make the choice that you know for certain is best.


We help you build the plan and take the steps to get there.

– Be it taking your team to a new level of performance

– Be it accelerating the growth of  your company

– Be  it building your leadership skills

We’re actually real business people – meaning we’ve been where you are right now. We’ve successfully gone through all sorts of changes in multiple companies and industries.

We can be your guide to seeing your new path.


We came together to create a new kind of consulting and coaching firm – one that creates possibilities based on open source intelligence, develops a deep understanding of you and your business, and one that takes your perspective on business to new heights.

ALTUS blends business savvy, analytical tools, and experience to address the whole business—operations and people, management and investor goals, revenue and values— giving leaders the expertise to make the next big leap.


Profound, Nourished, High… not too bad.  It fits what we strive to support you to do.

Are You Ready ?  Contact Us Today!

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