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Just like its design process, ALTUS customizes pricing with its clients. Pricing is determined on an individual basis and is dependent upon:

  • Project type
  • Scope
  • Duration
  • Resources


Once we understand your needs, we will design a solution with you based on your budget and the pace you want change to occur.


  • Most clients choose to work with us on a retainer. This is the best option for businesses that have multiple needs and want to focus on the highest priority objectives each month.


  • Others prefer to work on a project basis, where we set a fee and the duration up front with the client. This is best suited for companies that have a clear objective they want to achieve with a set time line.


  • A few clients even work with us on an as needed basis at an agreed rate.   This approach is great for businesses that just need some occasional support.

We believe the cost of any service should never be an unpleasant surprise. Following our value of transparency, we will be upfront about the cost and effort in terms of time and money – and most importantly what the return is likely to be.   If parameters change, we will let you know and let you make the choice on how to best proceed.

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