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Strategy is a clearly defined plan to deliver a specific goal.  Sounds easy, right?  Yet the phrase, “We are developing a new company strategy…” is usually met with eye rolls, crossed arms and groans.  It’s no wonder why.  The word “strategy” is overused and often translated by staff as management’s “idea du jour” or “more work for me.”  ALTUS works with leaders to demystify “strategy.”  We partner with you to co-create a strategy development process – one that can be used again and again.  Lastly, we ensure that you develop clear, measurable and successful strategy that takes you exactly where you want to go and enables you to get your team onboard!

Areas of Expertise

  • Company vision, direction and short term goals
  • Growth plans for 6, 12 and 24 month time horizons
  • Business model analysis and recommendations
  • Business planning
  • Customer segmentation
  • Product / service line assessment and recommendations

Anticipated Outcomes

  • Growth
  • Clear articulation of the company’s vision and future goals
  • Documented strategy to achieve goals
  • Systemized approach to strategy development and planning
  • Communication plan for all levels of the organization
  • Team buy in

Employee alignment and engagement

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