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Culture.  Most people chalk up culture to something unformulated, intangible and difficult to be defined by words.  We are here to tell you – that’s a bunch of BS.  Every business has a definable culture and it influences the way employees think, feel and behave every single day.

Some businesses let their culture organically evolve by paying little time and having low regard for its importance.  Others proactively develop, clearly define and manage their cultures.  They use it to hire, train and retain top quality staff.  Their culture acts as a unifying force in those organizations and for their clients.

Can you guess which companies are more successful and profitable?

ALTUS helps you proactively manage culture in your organization.  We partner with you to first define the existing culture and its impact on your profitability.  After that, we succinctly define your culture and its values in plain English.  Then, we work together to educate your staff and embed the culture into the DNA of your company.

Areas of Expertise

  • Define a business’ culture
  • Understand culture’s impact on the bottom line
  • What it means to live a culture day-to-day
  • Create a strategy to develop / maintain a culture across the organization

Anticipated Outcomes

  • A consistently articulated and understood culture across the business
  • Culture is aligned to business objectives
  • Increased retention
  • Improved employee satisfaction
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