Organizational Design
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Was your company proactively “designed” on Day 1 with a master plan citing who to hire and when?   If not, don’t worry! You’re like 98% of business out there.


Chances are you grew your business organically – meaning you hired people when you had the need and the money to afford them. And, that works until a certain point….  Then, the day comes where margins shrink, efficiency falls and employee morale is six feet under – leaving you wondering – what happened?!?


Those are surefire signs that it’s time to proactively re-design your organization. Organizational design is NOT about layoffs to drive down costs. Rather, it’s about looking at how your key organizational resources (time and people) are utilized across your organization. We partner with you to design the highest and best use of your talent pool – creating a highly engaged and energized workforce.

Areas of Expertise

  • Organizational structure review and analysis
  • Identification and remedy of productivity and efficiency blocks
  • Development of clear reporting and organizational structures
  • Create processes to improve efficiency
  • Time ownership

Anticipated Outcomes

  • Maximize organizational structure
  • Clear responsibilities
  • Improved communication
  • Staff empowerment
  • Efficiency gains
  • Improved margins
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